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Courtney exited from Duncan's room hastily on her tip toes, closing the door as gently as possible be-hind her. She leaned against the door when she was done and exhaled her relief of the successful escape. She took a look at the items clenched tightly within her fist and then used her other hand to rub her eyes and she shook her head as she did so. She seemed seriously disappointed at herself that she didn't put them on but she wasn't going to take the time to do it now and sprinted down the stairs as fast as she could. And as soon as she got to the bottom, she looked up and noticed she was but a few feet away from Trent, who had a blank expression on his face and was staring right at her as he walked towards her.
Courtney smiled awkwardly and said a quick, "Good morning."
"Morning." Trent responded loudly and just as awkwardly as he walked by and past her.
They got a few feet away from each other before they were awake enough to think about why on Ear
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What A View :iconobsidianvelvet:ObsidianVelvet 1 0
Chris stood in the center of the cafeteria, the three large tables surrounding him. He was dressed casual and had that same insane, large smile on his face. "The last couple of times on Total Drama Reunion we celebrated Halloween with the classic side of scary. The competitors were challenged to survive my might as the infamous Count Dracula. Some chose to challenge me themselves and ended up in the dungeon where we realized no one is safe in such a small room with a raging Courtney. Surprisingly, Ezekiel was the one to come out on top when the last surviving group of vigilantes failed to defeat me and he was able to come up from behind and 'kill' me with the weapon they dropped. Ezekiel took the 'Get Out Of Challenge Free' card And then there was some boring walking and talking. And by now everyone is ready to 'stomach' the next challenge. Stay tuned to find out just exactly what I mean by that right here. On. Total. Drama. Reunion!"
It h
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JSRF - Daily Date
"Beat, Ryth and Combo miss out on a chance to show off? Never ever ever!" DJ Professor K's voice boomed excitedly. "The competition this time you wonder? Just friendly! Like all the other tag wars between the Rudies this week; it's for fun! HAHAHA! Though as fun as it is, it's getting real now as this is the final round to see just who is the fastest. And in case for some reason you haven't been following along; this week it's only the three reps for the GG's going up against... Rapid 99!"
The two groups stood ready to launch at opposite entrances to Shibuya Terminal, graffiti cans in hand and ready to spray.
"So we're clear on which way we're all splitting up." Beat spoke softly to Ryth and Combo who simply nodded in reply.
"3..." DJ Professor K said excitedly. "2... 1... GOOO!" And then he blasted some music.
And like rockets all teams used their spray cans to jet them off to their destination leaving nothing but fumes and dust for the people wandering the streets to walk
:iconobsidianvelvet:ObsidianVelvet 1 0
Bridgette was tending to Courtney's face while LeShawna was forcing a conversation out of Eva in order to keep her awake so that she wouldn't suffer a concussion.
Courtney kept her face aimed at Bridgette when she spoke loudly to get her voice across the room, "Hey Trent!"
"Yeah?" He replied to her curiously, coming out of a conversation with Geoff, Cody, and DJ.
"Remember when you got into that brawl with Duncan and I gave you criticism non-stop for the rest of the season?"
"Yeah..." He replied again just as curiously as before.
"I understand now and I take it all back."
-start confessional-
Trent: "Well it's nice to hear someone finally apologize for that conundrum with Duncan and Gwen; even if our situations were different." Trent sighed. "I really hate how this show brings back the child in us, but at the same time it's kinda cool, because now we're old enough to realize how dumb we're acting." He paused. "Well, some of us anyway."
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Emotion... Sadness
Tick... Tick... Tick...
I hear the infamous click...
Of a clock that does not exist...
So what am I hearing?
Am I fearing?
Why am I suddenly tearing?
The tick, tick, tick, lingers in the back.
As the water from my eyes makes my skin begin to crack.
And my shaking hands reach for the closest objects to smack, smack, smack!
I'm dehydrated, sore, and so sleepy...
The tick, tick, tick comes back to me...
As I stare at nothing with eyes so drowsy...
Tick... Tick... Tick...
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I PROTEST :iconobsidianvelvet:ObsidianVelvet 4 0
The camera looked upon a dark center stage as Mozart's Requiem "Dies Irae" began to play.
"Muahahahahaha!" Chris hollered, candle-light suddenly appearing beside him to make him visible. He was dressed in dark colored, old-centurion clothing and a cape. "Good Eeeevening," He said in a horrible accent. "I velcome you to anoder episode of thee best show of all time! Last time vas quite iiinteresting. The longer ve go on vith these games, the more ve realize just how young- I suppose you could say- our competitors truly are. The lady-brute is seen not looking quite so brutish; the ditzy-brains 'ave let out that maybe they are not ditzes after all, but most intriguingly, a certain scorned woman crossed a line she 'erself drew. And now you're probably vondering vhat vill happen next… Stay tuned and find out on tonight's episode of TOTAL DRAMA REUNION!"
"AHAHAHAHAHA!" Chris hollered as he flung his cape around, causing the candle fl
:iconobsidianvelvet:ObsidianVelvet 2 7
Chris was standing in the parking lot today; there was an abnormally large sandbox next to him, three teeter-totters close to him and a swing set and an enormous jungle gym behind him. He was wearing curiously normal clothing and holding a balloon in one of his hands and a large whirly pop in the other. "Last time on Total Drama Reunion: An exclusive episode just for you inspired by one of our own competitors! Some characters were seen in a new light, some characters were seen in an old one, and some characters started talking to each other and revealing other sides to one another. Oh, so much happened!" Chris said fiercely happy. He cleared his throat. "And today we are going to delve into an even deeper part of our characters, probably even deeper than what we saw the other night. So you better stay tuned for another episode of Total Drama Reunion!"
Duncan, Gwen, Alejandro, and Heather were sitting in the front rows of the theatre (Duncan and Gwen
:iconobsidianvelvet:ObsidianVelvet 2 7
A show of many rapidly flickering lights displayed on the old theatre stage alongside the sound of a random Dub Step DJ Mix. Chris McLean walks out, arms raised, face nonchalant, and the sound of cheering and clapping joins in the mix. As he walks, a blonde intern lays down a red carpet in front of him.
"Last time on Total Drama Reunion." He said with squinty eyes meant to be lustful and a bit of a side head bob. "So it turns out that the longer our competitors are together, the more they seem to get back into the swing of things. Oh yes, we're definitely seeing a peek of some of our characters and more than a peek of others… Ew… Anyhow, we are going to see just how much the same they are… And how much different… On today's episode of. Total. Drama. Reunion."
Instead of the usual fire alarm buzzing and blinking to force the competitors from wherever they were on the playing field and gather around, the same multi-colored flashing light
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Chris McLean is standing in the theatre with a spotlight and a huge smile on him. "LAST TIME on Total Drama Reunion! It was a little bit of a behind the scenes look on what the cast did while not on camera. I know boooring! But then things got a little bit weird when Justin started complimenting Heather. And it heated up with some definite tension between Gwen and Trent. Tyler's team got off to an alright start but have begun failing miserably. And now, anything can and probably will happen on today's episode of. Total Drama Reunion!"
It was noon when everyone had finally arrived back at the hotel. Everyone walked into the cafeteria and sighed sorrowfully as they saw the food was back to being made for aliens. They filled their trays sorrowfully and sat down in their usual spot.
"Well, it was good while it lasted." Harold sighed while sitting next to LeShawna.
Gwen sat on the other side of LeShawna, "Yeah, but why change it now or give us good food i
:iconobsidianvelvet:ObsidianVelvet 1 3
Chris is once more standing center stage inside the old theatre in his tuxedo. "LAST TIME on Total Drama Reunion! It was a happy beginning... for some. While Alejandro and Heather were getting together, we found Duncan and Courtney are still at each other's throats. Though it looks like Justin may have just taken the number one spot on Courtney's checklist of bad. DJ is moping around like the world has ended. But most dramatically of all, did you see the way Gwen was looking at Trent? And the man has been completely ignoring her. Is Justin going to be taking the number one spot on everybody's list of bad? ... What is up with DJ? ... What is up with Gwen? ... Well, just stay put and you might find out on this episode of Total Drama Reunion!"
Chris is now sitting in the surprisingly big office on the other side of the front desk. He's in a swivel chair and there are monitors set up in front of him. Chef is leaning against one of the walls with his arm
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Actually, first off I'd like to apologize to all who are waiting probably not so patiently for the next chapter of Total Drama Reunion. Especially one in particular, you know who you are.

But good news! I finally finished the next chapter. It took me so long because my sis just had a baby and so I've been watching my  17 month old niece all by my lonesome...

Anyhow, I just suddenly had a huge question about my writing that concerns you very much.

I love my longer chapters and I know I have a tendency to ramble but I won't change either of those because I like to think that's what makes my stories interesting. So my question is: What can I add to my stories to make sure you stay attatched to the whole chapter?

Be honest please!

Love all of you who is reading this right now. I hope good and exciting things happen to you =]


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